Frequently Asked Questions as of 4/1/2021

For those who have not yet worked with me, this will answer most of your questions. While I am a very experienced photographer, it is not my primary source of income. It is my passion and my hobby. I have a full-time job and I have half custody of my daughter, so that leaves me precious little time to shoot. Please be respectful of that time and show up for your shoot. While my work is edgy, the models are always respected. I am about twice the age of most of the models, and I am only looking to get some amazing shots. The shoot is meant to be fun and empowering to you, but here is some of the business stuff.

What can I expect the day of the shoot?
You can expect about 2 hours of shoot time the day of your shoot. Most of the girls on my page are not models and require some help in posing. You do not need to have professional modeling experience to work with me. I will have some questions for you that will help me direct the poses, and will also help me when I edit the photos. Posing is work, it is probably harder than you think.

What do I wear?
 My photography is very much centered around the beauty of each model. It is not centered around the clothing. Bring something you feel great in, and we can take it from there. We can discuss themes and concepts prior to the shoot. Fitness, pool, outdoor, studio work, etc…

After the shoot
 Because I have a full time job, it often takes me some time to color correct and edit the photos. You can typically expect about 5-8 edited photos from a 2 hour session. I rarely takes more than a week or two, and is dependent on how backed up I am with work. Please understand that editing takes time. I spend about an hour editing a photo. Colors are corrected, any blemishes are removed, and I may do some subtle body shaping.

Why can’t I have all of the photos?
I hold my work to a quality standard. The shoot is only half of the process. My work is not complete until I have carefully edited a photo. Unedited photos are not a representation of my work. If you want, you will get to choose which photos I edit.

Can I add a filter?
Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour adjusting exposure, white balance, color correcting, then cropping, only to have the model add a filter that changes all of that work. I hope you like my work. Please understand that adding a filter no longer makes it my work. If you would like for me to change something about an edit, feel free to ask. I am very easy going and willing to get you what you want.

Where will you post my photos?
 You are free to post any photo I edit. I will always ask prior to posting. I will not post a photo unless you approve. Please tag my page when you post, as I will tag you on anything you approve to be posted. You can shoot with me with confidence because if you do not like a photo, it never gets posted. Your body, your choice. I am a member of some photography groups and will sometimes post there to ask for expert opinions, but I will ask you first for approval beforehand

If you have any additional questions, please ask.